Botanical Products Inc. Compassionate Program provides our products to those who could not otherwise afford it. Botanical Products Inc. operates and advocates on the belief that there will be times where a little extra help goes along way. We offer services that challenge the stigma surrounding natural products. We strive to ensure that each time we help a person in need, it is done with the utmost care and professionalism. We imagine a place where everyone has access to the opportunities they need for good health. A place where a person does not have to make a choice between food and natural products. A place where companies work together to make a healthier community. We are proud of our new online form. With our all new online from, Botanical Products Inc. can now not only reach more people in need but in a more effective and timely manner.



Please share your story in the comment section below to be considered for the program. 





*** Please be advised Botanical Products Inc. Compassinate Assist Program is limited number of approvals per day. Not all applied will be approved. Botanical Products Inc. Compassionate Assist Program board members decision on approval is based on individuals needs and circumstances.  In some cases approved individuals may be required to cover shipping cost. Due to high demand approved individuals can not be approved more then 2 a calendar year. Approvals may take up to 3 weeks depending on application volume. Compassionate Assist Program only available in the USA.*** 



Botanical Products Inc. reserves the right to change any and all programs with out notice