Organic Moringa Seed Powder

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Moringa, or Moringa olefera is incredibly useful, from its fruits, seeds and leaves, right down to its roots. 

Botanical Products Inc. started with finding only the finest, all-natural, organic Moringa seed powder available world wide for our clients. Botanical Products Inc. astounding organic Moringa seed powder is truly one of Mother Nature’s greatest accomplishments and is by far one of the most amazing herbs mother nature has to offer.

Moringa is widely considered a miracle plant, and a superfood - all parts of the tree can be harvested and used, and has an impressive nutritional content.

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

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150 Grams

2 Reviews

Martin 2018 Apr 12th

Smells so fresh

Got mine today, smells so fresh!! Goes great in a smoothie

Tom V 2018 Apr 10th


I could not express how excited I am that Botanical Products finally got Moringa seed to the line up! I take this each day and not just me but my wife notices a huge difference in our mood. I also just talked to Sara from your company and was told the leaf powder was coming this week too.... I am very pleased with the quality of your Moringa. Smell and colour is best I seen so far from any vendor. Our family loves you guys !!! Keep up the hard work BP.

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