Organic Orange Oil 15ml

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Organic Orange (Citrus sinesis) Essential Oil 15ml

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2 Reviews

Daisy 2018 Jun 15th

Great oils

I use these oils in my diy bath products such as hand soap, sugar scrubs and solid soaps. Additionally I use them in my essential oil diffusers everyday.

Shirley 2018 Jun 15th

So many uses

Purchased this to use with vinegar as a cleaner but I have discovered many other uses for it. It works great as a cleaner and leaves a fresh smell behind. It also works great when mixed with coconut oil (or another carrier oil) and applied to the skin. Placed a drop on a light bulb and when it is turned on the oil leaves behind a subtle smell. Put some on a paper towel and stuck under the seat of my car to refresh the air in there and it smelled great. Mixed with water and sprayed my front porch to keep off ants and other insect. The bottle is a good size for the price. Diluted it with plenty of water and sprayed on my dog. He didn’t seem to mind the smell, though my cat was not a fan. Works great to make the whole house smell good when mixed with a cinnamon stick and warmed on the stove. Will purchase again.

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