Refillable Membership Card

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Reloadable Membership Cards cost $49.99. Once you buy this card, your new membership card will be mailed out to you with a $50.00 credit already loaded onto your card. So the card does end up being FREE!!!

Get your Reloadable Membership Card now. With this new all-in-one amazing membership card you can now reload it with money any time you want. No need to have or use a credit card anymore!! Your Reloadable Membership Card can be used anywhere in the world!!! You may reload your membership card at any time. Simply click the 'Reload My Membership Card' option on and pick the amount you want to add to your card... It's a new and easy way to buy!!!


All amounts added to your Reloadable Membership Cards are not refundable.

Lost cards do have a $25.00 admin fee to replace. This price includes cost of new card plus shipping.

Botanical Products Inc. is not responsiable for lost or damaged cards and accepts no responsibility for any misuse of this card.

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