Travel Tea 4 Pack - Sweet Slumber Edition

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Botanical Products Inc. SWEET SLUMBER TRAVEL 4-PACK TEA SET includes:

4 amazing travel-sized organic bed-time herbal teas

 - 5 Bags of Wild Lettuce Tea

 - 5 Bags of Valerian Root Tea

 - 5 Bags of Lemon Balm Tea

 - 5 Bags of Chamomile Flower Tea

 BONUS Lavender Essential Oil Roller

 BONUS 2 Pack of LAVENDER Bath Bombs.

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2 Reviews

Steve 2017 Nov 23rd

Good deal & products

Arrived in one piece, no leakage. Well packaged. I find that the teas are very good for relieving stress or anxiety.

Sandra 2017 Oct 19th

One complaint!

I have one complaint with this! I need to order more! Loved everything else about it, and now I just found where I can order the rollers individually too, for when those run out!

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